Open. Experience. Transform.

Easily Improve Your Life by Opening a Simple Picture on Your Computer, Phone or Tablet.

We create high-tech art that transforms your electronic devices into powerful tools that energetically support you in fulfilling your goals whether they are related to health, mental performance or spiritual growth.

What are Subtle Energy Mandalas?

Simply put, our Subtle Energy Mandalas are energetically encoded digital images that transform your electronic devices into powerful tools that support you with energetic frequencies to help you fulfill your goals.

Completely Silent

The Subtle Energy Mandalas do not require the use of sound or audio. Instead, they operate via quantum energetic vibration and resonance.

Set It and Forget It

Just open the image file of your choice on the electronic device of your choice (i.e., laptop, computer, phone or tablet), and the energetically encoded app will automatically broadcast that specific energetic signature through your electronic device. And there's no need to actually “look” at the picture in order for it to work. Just set it and forget it. It's that simple.


Any of the images can be used on any computer, mac, mp3 player, phone or tablet.

Fully Amplifiable

Want to amplify the energy of the image? No problem! On any computer or device, just follow the included instructions, and you can easily amplify the energy as much as you like.

Four Formats

Each image is available in four formats:

Large Computer

Small Computer

Phone Screen

Printable PDF

The Printable PDF version of each image can be printed using any desktop printer (in color or in black and white, doesn’t matter), and the prints will carry the amplified energetic signature of that specific image.

The following are just a few of the unique and versatile ways you can use the prints:

Under where you Sit or Lay

Place prints under your seat cushions, pillows and mattress. The energetic signature will travel through all these objects and enter your biofield as you sit and lay on them.

Under the Power Cord

Tape a print near or under the power cord to your refrigerator. The energy will travel through the power cord and into all the food in the refrigerator.

Under the Power Strip

Place a print under your power strip, and everything electrical appliance powered by the strip will carry the energy of that program.

Multiple Prints Stacked

Print on both sides of the paper and make multiple prints to stack together. The more you stack together, the stronger the energy.